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Embark on a half-day tour of Lyon’s best sites with a local guide to see local gems such as Old Lyon, where you can wobble on the cobblestone roads and mingle with locals and tourists alike! Old Lyon has UNESCO status and lots of bars where locals hang out, along with plenty of shops and art galleries. As you wander the neighbourhood, you'll get to see Lyon's famous and one-of-a-kind Traboules: passageways that were used by both city-dwellers over 1,500 years ago and the French Resistance during World War II, and many in between. They’re difficult to navigate alone, but our guides know the way! Then finish your day by taking in some greenery and some of the best views of the city on Fourvière Hill, the grounds of the spectacular Fourvière basilica and the idyllic Rosary Garden. This experience also includes lunch in a bouchon, a cosy Lyon-style restaurant serving Lyon's specialties. Yum!


This experience includes:
- Tour guide for the day
- 2-hour tour of the Traboules in Vieux Lyon and the charming Fourvière Hill
- Lunch in a bouchon

- Meet your tour guide
- Take off for your day tour around the Vieux Lyon neighbourhood and then up to Fourvière Hill
- During the tour, our guide will show you the various Traboules in the neighbourhood that served a variety of purposes
- Finish the tour on Fourvière Hill. Enjoy the view!
- Lunch before or after sightseeing tour

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Old Lyon
Old Lyon