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Lille has a lot to offer to its visitors, but it's only one of the many captivating places to see in the Haut De France region. Locals have strong emotional ties with the area's history in mining, and you'll hear all about it from someone who lived it when you start with a visit to the Lewarde Mining History Centre with a former miner, who will take you right down into the mines and share his stories and knowledge of the mining sector with you. At the end of your tour, change gears with a visit of the nearby Louvre-Lens Museum, a modern and elegant space built in 2012 that displays works borrowed from the Louvre Museum in Paris. This experience will surprise you in its ability to appeal to all!


This experience includes:
- Private coach transfer from Lille
- Professional guide for half-day
- Visits to the Lewarde Mining History Centre and the Louvre-Lens Museum

Lillle - Old Stock Exchange
Lille - Grand Place
Paris Cooking class