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Welcome to Nantes

Nantes, a city based on the Loire River in western France, is renowned for its links to the arts, history and most of all – the outdoorsThe city is scattered with more than 100 beautiful parks and gardens. And along with having a rich history, is progressively becoming known as Europe’s Green Capital - all its population proudly living within 300 metres of a green area.  


The picturesque farms within the region contribute to Nantes having the regions strongest dairy industry. Which means you must make sure to enjoy copious amounts of cheese and butter on your trip 


Rugby fans may know that the local stadium of Nantes (La Beaujoire) has already hosted a historic match of the Rugby World Cup back in 2007 when Fiji beat Wales. Make sure to be in Nantes to not miss the next historic game!  

Nantes highlights

Nantes - macine animals

Les Machines de l'Île

Located in one of the city’s old shipyards, this collection is an installation of machine animals. One of the exhibitions main pieces is a 12-metre-tall elephant that can carry up to 52 passengers on its back while it walks.

Nantes 1

Castle of Dukes

Located in the Eastern part of the old town, this former ducal palace now hosts the Nantes History Museum, where you learn all about Nantes' history, from involvement in the slave trade to becoming an industrial port.  

Nantes - shopping

Passage Pommeraye

The Passage Pommeraye is not just your regular shopping arcade. While you browse the selection of luxury boutiques, marvel at the beautiful architecture of this photo-worthy arcade that was built in 1842.