City Guides

Welcome to Lille

Located on the border of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, Lille is the northernmost host city for the RWC 2023. Known as the historic capital of Flanders, the cities look and feel embodies its Flemish and French roots. During your stay, you will quickly learn why the city is known for its amazing hospitality and beautiful architecture.  


As you wander through Lille’s cobblestone streetsyou will be transported to another time, surrounded by distinctive Flemish influenced buildings. Experience their well-renowned hospitality firsthand by stopping to enjoy a beer with the locals at one of the many craft breweries in the cityTaste the heavy Belgian influence in their food, with the local speciality of “waterzo”  fish in cream sauce with vegetables.  

Lille highlights

Lille - Grand Place

Grand Place

This is the humming main square of Lille. Take a seat at one of the cafes, enjoy the views of Flemish buildings and watch the world go by. In the middle of the square, you will also find the Goddess Statue which was a built in 1845.

Lillle - Old Stock Exchange

Old Stock Exchange

Built in 1652, the Old Stock Exchange, is the former building of the Lille Chamber of Commerce and is one of the city's main landmarks. These days, the building houses local markets and provides a place for locals to play chess  

Lille Zoo

Parc Zoologuie

Once you've marvelled at the architecture of the main city, take the time to visit Parc Zoologuie, just over 1km away from the main city. The local zoo is free to enter and is home to around 2,000 animals. There are seven different areas to explore