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About Us

French Attitude 2023 (Pacific Attitude) is a sporting events specialist company established in 2011 by  two leading tourism companies with a depth of experience spanning the globe.  Let us showcase world class sporting events and immersive experiences that will be etched in your memory forever.


We've put together a range of packages which include some of the most exciting rugby games alongside some of France's most memorable sightseeing and culinary experiences.  

Match schedule

Match Schedule

Click below to download the entire Rugby World Cup 2023 match schedule for your clients.


For Explorers

For Explorers

Experiences for clients who want to explore the French countryside, be immersed in culture and meet local people.

For foodies

For Foodies

Make sure your clients don't miss out on the best food and drink experiences during their trip with these gourmet experiences.

For Partygoers

For Partygoers

Rugby culture is all about friendliness, festivities, and fun. If your clients are ready to party, they'll love these experiences.

City Guides

Whilst the matches will be the main focus of your clients' trip to France, they won't want to miss the opportunity to explore some of the country's most exciting cities. 

Take a look at our city guides to find a range of tips, tours and experiences for your clients.